Monkey3 new album "Astra Symmetry"

Monkey3 new album "Astra Symmetry" will be released on September 2nd 2016 via Napalm Records.

1 Abyss
2 Moon
3 Endless Ocean
4 The Water Bearer
5 Crossroad
6 Mirrors
7 Dead Planet's Eyes
8 Seeds
9 Astraea
10 Arch
11 The Guardian
12 Realms Of Lights



"Astra Symmetry" feeds its inspiration from the mapping of the stars and their symbolic associations, interpreting the constellations stranded over the dark sky.

Taking its roots in the pristine abyss, Astra Symmetry is a journey towards sidereal soundscapes making their course over four progressive chapters revolved around the zodiac wheel, unifying astrological signs under their elemental nature. What begins in the deep waters, ascends into thin air and acquires earthly consciousness before burning in the sacred fire. Decidedly cosmic instrumental music that loves melding heavy riffing with proggy keyboard landscapes – so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


"Astra Symmetry" is a 100% analog recording. The album is built around 4 chapters, each divided into 3 tracks. Each chapter is meant to be listen as a unique song.

Stay tuned for much more news to come!